List Affiliate Program Enabling !

Uploaded(Main Program!)

Uploader can earn $50 for 1000 galleries!
Any your Gallery get upto "Hot" section,You will earned by "Earn By Upload" program. Upload more and get more!
  • First - gallery need minimum: 100 View | 0 Vote | 1 Images.
    View is change daidy, Every day site will check,and up 50 gallery (sort by view) from "Trending" section to "Hot" auto. View is average view of all gallery(Called 'Hot View limit'). And if new gallery uploaded in 24 hours break minimum limit, and continue break 'Hot View limit',It will upto "Hot".
    Note: Only 24 hour to get 'Hot',after 24 hour, gallery will NEVER get Hot.
  • Rates : $50/1000 galleries uploaded!

Viewed (Main Program)

This Site allows you earn cash by sharing images with the world!  Every time a visitor views one of your gallery/images, you are automatically credited with a sum of money.  How much you earn is dependent on how many views your links achieve so, posting lots of links will generate lots of cash!

Payment rates:
Group 1:
$3.00 / 1000 views
Group 2:
$1.00 / 1000 views
Group 3:
$0.5 / 1000 views
All OTHER $0.1 / 1000 views
  • If Your Gallery/Images shared by other member in "Being Shared" program. You will earn 40% of rate.

Check our Rule
  • Nude,Porn,Sex images will be removed, the uploader banned!
  • Unique IP is counted once per 24 hours.
  • Proxy trafic will not count
  • We pay from the first $5 you earn - our minimum payout ammount is $5 . Payout by Paypal and Webmoney(wmz).
  • Currently we can pay by the main on-line payment companies, and are adding more options as requested
  • Hotlinking isn't allowed
  • Your images are NEVER deleted  meaning you will continue to earn from your links even after you stop posting!
  • We don't have any rules on where you can and can't post links - it's your internet too, just please don't use bots or autosurfers.  Our systems will flag them and you will be banned.  Play fair and everyone wins!
  • We appreciate feedback - please contact us with any queries

Being Shared(Enable Sometime Only!)

You can share any gallery/images on site with your share id (Don't need upload) and earn 60% rates in "Viewed" program !

Being Viewed(Enable Sometime Only!)

When you login and view any gallery on the site (gallery upload by other member) you will earn money!
  • Count Unique Gallery Only, Gallery you never view before
  • Limit : 100 / view per day.
  • Rates : $1/1000 view.

Voted (Enable Sometime Only!)

When your gallery get voted, you will earn money!
  • Unique IP/User is counted
  • Vote check by IP, visitor can vote with or without login!
  • Rates : $1/1000 vote.
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